L-Birds back to Normandy Rally Piper L-4, L-5 Stinson L-Birds and other authentic WWII

An exceptional event preparation, gathering of authentic L-Birds (Piper L-4, L-5 Stinson and other more rare warbirds) with the participation of Ham and Jam to follow on http://L-Birds.fr.

As partStinson L-5 in Arromanches 75th anniversary of the Allied D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, which will be celebrated in June 2019, preparations began for exceptional commemoration. Indeed, this anniversary "quarter century" which is probably the last of the 1939-45 veterans can participate.

Du 6 au 9 juin 2019, l’association normande L-Birds back to Normandy organise un rassemblement inédit d’avions de liaison, appelés L-Birds (L pour Liaison). Plus d’une quarantaine d’avions de liaison, tous authentiques et dans leurs couleurs historiques de 1939-45, rejoindront la Normandie depuis les quatre coins de l’Europe.

The particularity of this event is to bring together for the first time since 1945 a number ever of aircraft link, real veterans, and representatives of the different types of aircraft used during World War II, all countries. Wearing a strong message of reconciliation, they will fly together with their pilots commands fourteen different nationalities.

The exceptionality of this gathering firstly lies in the authentic quality, historically as visually aircraft presented.

Rally Piper L-4 and L-Birds other 75th anniversary D-Day