2nd mission DB report: drop in L-4 of the message of General Leclerc to Parisians

Captain Callet
Captain Callet

On 24 August 1944, Captain Callet (Pilot) and Lieutenant Mantoux (Observer) conducted a historical mission aboard a Piper L-4: They dropped over the Paris Prefecture message announcing the arrival troops of General Leclerc, and thus the liberation of the capital.

The story of the driver (written by Renaud Leblond) and report this exceptional mission:

Mission Report
Mission Report
Mission report (continued)

"This is a time of dog, August 24, to 13 hours, I get the most unexpected order of my career.

My eight aircraft - Piper Cubs U.S. responsible for correcting artillery fire - are grounded.

A liaison officer of the artillery, Captain Righini, down, then goes to us.

Message of the General Leclerc Leclerc

Emissaries reached PC Leclerc.
Except in an emergency.

Lieutenant Mantoux
Lieutenant Mantoux

And while the aircraft engine starts to roar, comes back to me this sentence from "Song of the Franks": "The hours of life flow ... We will smile when he will die." On the track, the crews
The sky cleared.

Captain Callet and Lieutenant Mantoux, the heroic crew

General Leclerc welcomes us. He tells us that the message was received, understood and executed. I laughed a nervous laugh. As if I had lost my mind. "