Piper Cub, the passion, André Bréand plane

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Piper Cub, the aircraft passion

Ham and Jam is proud to have participated in the new edition of the book of French-speaking reference on the Piper Cub. In addition to appear on the cover, you will also find a double page on F-AYZA, the Cub 1943 flying today within our association.

Jet passion, still symbolizes Piper Cub aircraft school and ideal driving pleasure. For ordinary people, the name "Cub" has long been part of everyday language and means for the uninitiated "club of aircraft." Do not we hearing also often pronounce the name of Piper "Club"? ...

From conception to his descendants, through the dark hours of the second world war, it is a complete look that is worn on this aircraft and its derivatives. Illustrated with many photographs and plans three views, this book also meets the expectations of designers.

Aerospace technician, aviation journalist and Piper Cub pilot, André Bréand offers with this complete and detailed study of the first historical book in French on the Cub, its ancestors and its derivatives.