Info-driver n ° 700, la Ferté-Alais airshow in a Piper L-4H

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Forlogo_info_pilote1 [1]r causes of repetitions, I'm coming to La Ferté-Alais June 6 aboard aircraft that participated in the D-day... Emotion. The track is moved for the meeting. Alongside the axis of presentation and the classic track tags tags, it is very useful revised organizers briefing sheet. I train station near Martin Hodeau, which is the first L-4 asked. We will go together to the home drivers.
The presentation of my little Piper L-4, 1943 is of course not the highlight of the show, but integrates proudly in the D - Day table.

The sequence, called Overlord, is composed of three Piper L-4. At the time where we are starting to roll, Stephen Grey and his Bearcat past us. He prepares for his last flight in meeting. I make him a curtsy from the end of my small wings. We take off behind the "D-day box" aircraft,
that is more than a dozen big warbirds, the DC3, the P51 Mustang, a Beech 18, a Catalina, a Spitfire... During these three days, the encounters are linked. Many friends seen without having time to discuss long, passionate and charming visitors on the parking lot of the static display in the morning... Each presentation in flight requires an hour or two of preparation, concentration, followed by the timing... Unfortunately, I do not fully rofite of the show continued before my flight. Behind the scenes, planes were put in place, gather in the air. In addition to the comments by Ceesay, the frequency is a second soundtrack. Everything is tightly managed by Marie Luce, the excellent controller. The door opened, my L-4 little fills noise of all these engines which rotate together, in a striking Symphony... On Sunday evening, our guests we kindly make the place in hangars because thunderstorms are announced. Unfortunately, the night following our departure, installations and based aircraft will be heavily damaged by weather of rare magnitude.