"The fana de l'aviation" magazine, September 2014

Aviation July 2014 Fana

A Stinson L-5 flying in France
by Xavier Méal

“A la fin du mois de juin, Iza Bazin a reçu sur l’aérodrome de Saint André de l’Eure le Stinson L-5 “Sentinel” matricule 42-99107, désormais imatricule F-AYLV. Il est le premier “Sentinel” immatriculé en France.
Built in 1944, the L - 5 was restored in Italy by Italo Battioli, specialist of the type since it's his third achievement. The aircraft was returned to the standard "factory outlet", which has earned the year last to be awarded the trophy for the best restoration of the CLAF (Italian equivalent of the RSA).
The aircraft carries the colours of the 1 st Air Commando Group,.
American unit created for the purposes of making a secret air landing behind the Japanese lines in Burma, varied:) staffing: North American B - 25 H bombers, North American P-51 fighters, aircraft light Stinson L-1 and L - 5, helicopters
Sikorsky R-4, aircraft Douglas C-47 transport and glider CG - 4 has.
Nicknamed by GIs "Flying Jeep", the Stinson L-5 "Sentinel" performed all types of missions and its success determined its
employment until during the Korea war. Stinson Division of Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Co. produced more than 3600 L-5 type
“observation-liaison” et “ambulance”.”