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Ham & Jam will never forget Maurice de Carrillo, and Roland Lepers, L - 4 and B-25 pilots who made us the honour to accept a flight memory on our aircraft. Maurice de Castex (c) photos Jean-Marie Urlacher, Laurent Cluzel et HamRead more


Dragon Dragon-Rapide_G-AHAG'HAR (OK) Dragon-Rapide_G-AHAG'HAR (OK) Dragon-Rapide_G-AHAG'HAR (OK) Dragon-Rapide_G-AKIF Duxford (current estimate) Dragon-Rapide_G-AIYR_Duxford (current estimate) Dragon-Rapide_G-AGTM Dragon-Rapide_G-AGJG Dragon-Rapide_G-AGSH Dragon_EI-ABI Dragon-Rapide_G-AIDL Stampe Stampe_D-EEDW (OK) Stampe_D-EEDW (OK) Stampe_OO-SPM (OK) Stampe_OO-SPM (OK) Stampe_F-BDNF Flamingo 23: Flamingo 23: Flamingo DC3 DC3 F-BBBE DC3… Read more

Nose art on Piper L-4

The Nose Art were rare on the Piper L - 4, especially in the artillery. A common exception was the Cubs who worked within squadron of the US Air Force in the middle of fighter-bombers,…). 12th TRS (F-AYZA) Chris Rozie the rocketeer… Read more

Fly past under the Eiffel Tower

Cartoon in Stars And Stripes, 1944 the 33rd reconnaissance and photo Squadron arrived at Toussus-le-Noble (A-46) just after the Liberation. In September 1944, the pilot Lt. Luther “Peaches” Killingsworth not resisted the pleasure of visiting in the… Read more

Liberation Day of St. André

August 21, 1944, the city of St André St André Liberation Day was liberated by Allied troops. The airbase of the Luftwaffe was to become the British base B24. The commemoration of this release will be… Read more

Coverage in Italy! Summer 2014

  Ali Antiche (“Old wings”(, in Italian) followed the restoration of aircraft collection since 1983. Published quarterly since 1983 exclusively for members of GIVENIt is entirely dedicated to the Italian collection aircraft. The Stinson Sentinel F-AYLV… Read more

Forums & Associations

Le VPAC: L’association dédiée aux Piper Classiques outre-Manche Forum Francophone Piper Classiques:Echanges autour des Piper Cub et autres bidules en tubes et toile French Wing: French branch of the CAF… Read more

Workshop shopping

Aircraft Spruce en Europe (Angleterre).Rapide et sérieux, une référence! Univair Aircraft Parts Tout pour les Piper Air Repair Inc. specialist Cessna L-19 Aero Hydro:Kit démarreur alternateur MDL pour C65, VW,Aircraft Spruce: The reference of the workshop! Wag-Aero:Pièces pourRead more